Lightroom Presets



Many years ago I grew bored of using presets and started playing with scratch edits. It wasn’t long before I was asked how I edited my images, and before I knew it I was making tools to help other photographers edit their images in simple and beautiful ways. I found making presets to be like a puzzle, coming up with settings that would work on more than one photo in a variety of lighting situations.

Over ten years ago I started by designing The Original Lilyblue Action Set, with super popular “honey” action. Not long after I created The Simple Set, including bisque and simple three, which also became very popular. I have long since stopped using actions and have considered pulling them from the site, but people still ask for them. You can find the action sets archived here.

Today, I spend much less time editing and have found that most everything can be done in Lightroom and rarely open photoshop. I’ve not only created presets to help edit but I’m teaching photographers to improve their shooting, editing and workflow using Lightroom. If you want to learn more about Lightroom, refine your edits and find more time in your life, check out the The Simple Edit, it might be just right for you. Each student receives a set of The Illuminate Presets with tuition.

Always love helping photographers find their way to a simpler edit.

x Leah