Lightroom Presets



The Inspired set is a big part of my workflow. I’m not a fan of over processing. This set adds that little extra something my images need, but still look simple, natural, and beautiful.  Unlike many preset packs where I only use one of two presets in the set, I use the majority of these. It’s a wonderful set. --Summer Murdock

I have been of fan of Leah's actions for years - I have every action she has come out with. Her simple set actions and now presets are a true representative of her amazingly beautiful work. They are so easy to use and really give the image that extra touch it needs. Leah's talent not only in photography but in creating actions and presets blows my mind. They truly are so wonderful. Thank you!!  xo --Kathy Wolfe

I stay out of photoshop now all together with the lovely presets--they are beautiful and need absolutely nothing! thank you! --Lauren Donofrio

I CANNOT believe how quickly I was able to edit that last session thanks to your simple actions!!!  Oh my gosh.  I feel like they are life exaggeration.  Thank you SO MUCH!!! --Crystalyn Nilson

The simple set is STUNNING. Thank you again for a wonderful product. --Meg Bitton

I have used your actions and presets for the last few years and I must tell you that they are my absolute favorite!  You really have given me the gift of time too. By using your actions and presets, it allows me to spend more time with my family and less time staring at a computer screen. Much thanks! --Jenn Gibello

I am absolutely loving the simple set!  It is perfection!!  Being a b/w film shooter from way back...I absolutley love the soft b/w action.  So glad to discover such an amazing action set! Thanks! --Susan Dodd

Leah's actions are essential to my workflow. The tonalities of the simple set are scrumptious--they add a perfect finish to photographs.  And, I adore the Rich BW.  I haven't found a black and white action that I've enjoyed experimenting with this much in years. --Stephanie Beaty

I'm writing to you for two reasons. One, I simply love love love love your work. You have become a frequent source of inspiration for me. And two, I am smack in the middle of my first year of business as a photographer. Needless to say, I am still learning. And making mistakes. And making lots of confused expressions behind the camera. And of course, learning Lightroom and Photoshop and how to find an editing style that fits what I want and what I see in my head. Last week, I found your site (I have no idea how, I guess I just stumbled on it) and bought some of your actions - specifically the simple set and the flowers set. When I began to play around with them, I was squealing. Really. Up until now, I have been struggling with not only trying to mimic what I love about film photography in my digital images, but also trying to make my photos look how I wanted them to look, despite being a total lame-o at using Lightroom and Photoshop effectively. Simply put, your actions are AMAZING. Thank you. I just edited my two most recent shoots with them yesterday and can't wait to put them online. I even did a happy dance. I'm not kidding. They can do what I could not before, which is give them that simple, extra little glow and pop that I was always trying to get without overdoing it. These actions have singlehandedly helped to further refine and define my style and I am extremely grateful. Keep doing what you're doing. That's all. --Megan Alvarez

So I've been playing with the simple set actions this morning. I might be obsessed! I really, really love them. they are so clean...I think 'the simple set' is the PERFECT name. I am crazy about the 'tone' really are a master at that. Most of the time I find them too heavy (even with tweaking)...but yours are just right. Seriously, so excited because I haven't found any new actions in a long time that I really love and use on a regular basis. --Jess Sandager

Just wanted to tell you, I purchased the new simple set actions this AM and I love them!  They are beautiful. I Love the simplicity! --Karen Forsyth

Did I mention how much I love the simple set actions?  I really like soft BW and just BW as well.  So far, this may be my favorite set from you ever!  The colors work really well with newborns. --Stephanie Rue