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Lightroom Presets. The Original Set Presets by Lilyblue.

The Original Set Presets
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All the best beautiful, subtly toned presets from the original Lilyblue preset collections. The very best settings from archived sets--color set one, chocolate, waterplay and the wallflower presets.  


Presets DO NOT work in photoshop.


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I have used your actions and presets for the last few years and I must tell you that they are my absolute favorite! You really have given me the gift of time too. By using your actions and presets, it allows me to spend more time with my family and less time staring at a computer screen. Much thanks!
— Jenn Gibello

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  • chocolate

  • grey day

  • hazelnut

  • sandy knoll

  • still

  • stormy

  • truffle

  • vanilla

  • azalea

  • basic

  • bluebell

  • cactusgarden

  • clear skies

  • dandelion

  • falling

  • fresh air

  • hibiscus

  • honest

  • honeysuckle

  • midday oasis

  • new day sunrise

  • orchid

  • poppy

  • sparkling

  • spring color

  • sunflower

  • wisteria


  • refine tone

  • refine clarity

  • refine grain

  • refine highlights

  • refine open shadows

  • refine vingette

Presets are not always a simple click of a button editing solution. Not every preset will work on every photograph. Presets are an editing method that can enhance and inspire your own personal processing. Please remember that preset settings may require basic adjustments to exposure, highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks. As part of the refinement settings of the presets package, we have included six "refine for color" preset adjustments. These settings allow for for supplemental subtle effects -- just another tool to inspire beautifully edited images.